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Historical Thinking Documents 2 – The West & Conquest
Document 1:
Document 2: Rules for Indian Boarding Schools (1890)
39. The Sabbath must be properly observed…
41. All instruction must be in English. Pupils must be compelled to converse with each other in
English, and should be properly rebuked or punished for persistent violation of this rule…
43. Except in cases of emergency, pupils shall not be removed from school either by their
parents or others, nor shall they be transferred from a Government to a private school without
special authority from the Indian Office.
45. Good and healthful provisions must be supplied in abundance; and they must be well
cooked and properly placed on the table.
49. There should be a flag staff at each school, and the American flag should be hoisted, in
suitable weather…
53. Corporal punishment must be resorted to only in cases of grave violations of rules, and in
no instances shall any person inflict it except under the directions of the
58. Every school should have horses, cattle, swine, and poultry, and when practicable, sheep
and bees, which the pupils should be taught to care for properly. The boys should look after
the stock and milk the cows, and the girls should see to the poultry and the milk.
61. The girls must be systematically trained in every branch of housekeeping and in dairy work;
be taught to cut, make, and mend garments for both men and women; and also be taught to
nurse and care for the sick. They must be regularly detailed to assist the cook in preparing the
food and the laundress in washing and ironing.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, “Rules for Indian Schools.” Annual Report of the Commissioner of
Indian Affairs, 1890 (Washington D.C., 1890)
Document 3: Harper’s Weekly 33 (May 18, 1889): 391-94
In 1889 the opening to white settlement of a choice portion of Indian Territory in Oklahoma set off
one of the most bizarre and chaotic episodes of town founding in world history. A railroad line
crossed the territory, and water towers and other requirements for steam rail operation were
located at intervals along the tracks that connected Arkansas and Texas. Two places–Oklahoma
Station and Guthrie Station–seemed particularly well located for eventual urban development. In the
months before the territory was opened, individuals and groups representing townsite companies
scouted these locations and prepared town plans for these sites.
Congress had failed to provide for any form of civil government. Although the area had been
surveyed into the standard system of 6-mile square townships and mile-square sections of 640 acres
each, no sites for towns had been designated let alone laid out in streets and lots. The rules simply
provided that at noon on April 22 persons gathered at the Arkansas or Texas borders would be
permitted to enter, seek a parcel of unclaimed land, and file a claim of ownership in accordance with
the applicable Federal laws governing the disposal of the public domain. Federal marshals, railroad
personnel, and other persons lawfully in the territory before the opening (“legal sooners”) were
prohibited from filing land claims–a provision that was more violated than observed.
This account is by a trained observer who was present on the day the territory was opened and who
remained there for some time afterwards. It appeared less than a month later in the pages of
Harper’s Weekly and provides a vivid picture of what occurred. It documents the massive stupidity of
federal policy with regard to the disposal of the public domain, but it scarcely more than hints at the
tragic consequences to follow for the Indian tribes who had been forcibly relocated to Oklahoma
under solumn promises that their land would be theirs forever.
Historical Thinking 2 Questions – The West & Conquest
General Format: Answer each question. Each answer should be clear, provide explanation, analysis,
and direct reference to specifics within the document(s), lecture, or textbook. Please cite when you
are using ideas or quoting from the documents. You can do this parenthetically by simply stating the
document used. For example, if you say “blah, blah, blay (doc 1);” or you quote something: Custer
stated “ ‘blady, blah, bla, bleh’ ” (AY section 6). Notice that you cite the information whether it is in
your own words or you are quoting directly.
Answer Length: Each answer should be approximately 250 – 500 words long.
These documents explore the relationship of Americans to the land and people conquered
during the expansionist wars of the late 19th century. Describe in detail how the documents
relate a general American understanding and acceptance of territorial expansion and the
prospect of expanding the “ideals” of being American.
2. In what ways does the expansion west relate to Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction
policy towards black Americans? To what extent was land, race, and ethnicity tied to
American ideas of freedom and civilization?

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The West amp Conquest

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