COMSC 171 Dvc Diablo Valley College Unix and Linux Questions

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Write a single vi OR emacs command to do each of the following. Answer all parts for the same editor: [6]

@. name the editor

copy (region between mark and cursor)cut (region between mark and cursor)paste (last cut or copy)save and exitsearch for a stringset a markExplain why each of the following IP v4 addresses cannot be assigned to a network interface directly connected to the public Internet: [4] an extended regular expression to match each of the following: [4]One underscore or letter (uppercase or lowercase) followed by zero or more underscores, letters, or numeralsA number >= 0 and < 10 with or without one or more digits following a decimal pointWrite a bash command to assign each of the following to the scaler variable Var: [6]the first character of the variable Strthe first element of the array variable Arrthe remainder from dividing the integer value of the variable I by the integer value of the variable JWrite a bash command to assign to the array variable Arr the elements of the array variable Brr sorted in numeric order. [2]Write a UNIX command to do output each of the following from text input: [8]All lines, arranged with the 4th characters in reverse dictionary orderOnly the first sentence (ending with a period) from each line.All lines, with every space changed to an underscoreOnly lines which do not contain any spaces 1 attachmentsSlide 1 of 1attachment_1attachment_1 Unformatted Attachment Preview COMSC-171 Homework 1. Name of editor: vi a. y`a b. d`a c. p d. :wq! e. / f. ma 2. IP a. It is an address to a private network not visible from the outside internet. b. It is a broadcast address, which leads to a gateway that cannot be assigned to a computer address c. It is a formerly IANA reserved IP address d. It is a loopback address which directs to the localhost 3. Regular Expression a. "^[a-zA-Z_][ a-zA-Z0MDCLXVI_]+$" b. “^[0-9]d*(.d+)?” 4. Bash a. Var="$(echo $str| head -c 1)" b. Var=$ c. Var=$I%$J 5. #! /bin/bash IFS=$’n’ arr=(4 2 5 1 6) brr=$(sort Purchase answer to see full attachment Tags: Network settings private network IP v4 addresses Student has agreed that all tutoring, explanations, and answers provided by the tutor will be used to help in the learning process and in accordance with Studypool's honor code & terms of service.

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