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InstructionsA. Use the APA template found in the Start Here module: APA_Course_Template_APA_6thB. Return to your Module 1 Assignment 1 for your chosen B Corp and answer the following:Search online for Customer Relationship Management Software information.Based on your B Corps size, location, sales, etc. Which CRM software would you recommend?How are customers’ needs being met at your B Corp?Why is your chosen CRM software the best choice for this business?Submit your paper to the M5 Assignment 1: CRM Recommendation Assignment Submission Folder.

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saber es Poder Research Paper
Alejandra Reyes
Community College of Denver
COURSE MAR 1607: Customer Service
Dr. Candace Ruiz
January 24, 2022
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Saberespoder is a non-profit organization that provides various forms of assistance and new
chances to the Latino community in the United States. The organization assists Latinos in
locating low-cost services as well as staying updated on education and health. Saberespoder
received an overall Impact Score B of 131.4 in 2021, with a 56.9 in the customer area (B Corp).
personal experience
I have no personal experience with this company, but it piqued my interest when I saw that
it assists Latinos in locating affordable insurance and resources. Having organizations like this in
the United States is a huge success since they can save you a lot of time and money by doing all
of your job for you. the characters
B Corp and Loyalty
Saberespoder’s consumers have free access to a variety of resources. It also offers a variety
of services such as health and auto insurance, credit cards, and low-cost medications. This
business concentrates on finding alternatives for its customers and tailoring a plan to their
specific requirements. This organization assists Latino immigrants in settling in the United States
and facilitating their access to financial education, health care, and food.
Saberespoder is a company that provides economic empowerment to underserved people as
well as serving community members. The company saberespoder is known for assisting people
in achieving their objectives. This business generates its clients’ trust by assisting them when
they are in need. When they first come in a new country, they need someone to explain to them
how to do things properly in a new system, and they also need help figuring out what options
they have.
Negative Impresion & Work for this Company
This company has a low employee score in the areas of training and education, as well as
Management & Worker Communication, which may have a negative impact on the company’s
credibility since clients may be cautious about taking a chance with a company that does not take
good care of its employees.
Yes, I would work for this company since it offers different attractive benefits to
employees, such as compensation, wages, and benefits. I would like to assist people in living a
better life in the United States, and I would like to be able to help them no matter where they are.
Conclusion or Summary Heading
In conclusion, the saberespoder platform obtains many clients by helping Hispanic people
who have just arrived in the United States to improve their lifestyles. The services provided by
this platform to the Latino community in the United States are extremely beneficial, as Latinos
may access low-cost services and stay updated about their community. However, they could start
providing training and education for their employees and thus make their company even more
SABEResPODER – Certified B Corporation – B Lab Global. (2021). Retrieved January 25,
2022, from
PODERcard. Retrieved January 25, 2022, from

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