Communications Introversion and Extroversion Essay


Topic is :Introversion and ExtroversionQuestion: What are the primary factors affecting/influencing mental personalities?How can an introvert be successful in a world shaped for extroverts?You are to locate a minimum of ten research articles on your pre-approved topic. You are to write a 8–10 page summary of the general theme(s) of these articles as it pertains to your topic. A reference sheet, listing the articles should also be included (this does not count toward your page limit). This summary should serve as the background/foundation for your survey instrument. The typed summary should adhere to APA/MLA format. Theory building is a highly creative activity. There is no road-map or standard model for you to follow – the process is individualized to the way your perceptions, your mind and imagination work. Still, some hints might stimulate your thinking. Consider the following: o Recall your sense of how the textbook theories we have been considering are presented. Can any of them serve as a kind of general model for how a theory would look? o Consider all of the “observation” statements you selected as the springboard into Stage Two. They focus more or less on a particular area of communication. Expand the list from your own experience. What other things have you noticed that would fall into the same category? Add descriptive sentences to the list. o Think about the question you posed at the end of Stage Two. Don’t think so much about how you would answer the question, but rather imagine how you would explain what is going on behind it. Think of your theory as enveloping your question, rather than answering it. o Reconsider all the thinking you did, as reflected in your Stage Two paper. What can you draw together to help us understand it all?

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Observation statements that I have chose:
(B) Introverts feel more comfortable to write rather than to speak.
(B)People would rather just nod and agree rather than openly debate
(B)Extroverts take pleasure in soliciting ideas and inspirations from other people.
(B) Extroverts enjoy conversing not only with family and friends but also with strangers
because they enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives and experiences.
5. (B) Individuals are more productive when they study alone rather than with their friends.
6. (B) Introverts enjoy fantasizing and utilizing their ideas to solve problems.
Introversion and Extroversion
Grouping rationale:
I chose these observations because most of them related to Introversion and Extroversion and
how those sub-categories of personalities deal with different types of situations.
General significance:
Personal SIgnificance:

Personally, I consider myself as an introvert and for years society used to make me
believe that something was wrong with me until I discovered that because I was
introverted I cope with situations differently than other people.

What are the primary factors affecting/influencing mental personalities?

How can an introvert be successful in a world shaped for extroverts,

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Introversion And Extroversion

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