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Commun 101: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Analysis Paper 1: Conflict and Power
Purpose: To analyze conflict, power, and management
Procedure: Describe three personal conflict situations, define, and discuss the prevalent power currency in
each conflict situation, then discuss the conflict approach used to manage the conflict.
Due Date: 11:59 PM April 26
Paper: For this assignment, you will first need to view lecture 6, and pay close attention to the information on
slides 12 and 13, both slides discuss power currencies. This information is NOT presented in your text, but you
need the information to adequately complete the paper. Then, re-call three separate conflict situations that
you experienced. The conflict situations can be with three different people, or with the same person, but they
must be three different and distinct conflict situations. In addition, you will need to introduce, formally define
and discuss the prevailing power currency (resource currency, expertise currency, social network currency,
personal currency, and intimacy currency explained on slides 12 and 13 of lecture 6) for each conflict situation.
Overall, you must discuss three of the five power currencies (one prevailing currency for each scenario) so
make certain each conflict situation involves a different power currency. Finally, describe how each conflict
situation was approached/managed (ie: avoidance, accommodation, competition, compromise, or
collaboration as explained on pages 378- 380 in your text, and in module lecture 6, slides 14 through 20). For
this part, you will need to define and clearly discuss the approach used to manage your conflict situation and
the implications of using this approach. There is no requirement for the approach section, and it is perfectly
fine to describe the same approach for all three conflict situations, just be certain to formally define, discuss
thoroughly (including implications), and provide an example.
Introduction: Start with an introductory paragraph in which you formally define and thoroughly discuss the
concept of conflict and power. Do not simply regurgitate the text/lecture definition, thoroughly break down
and discuss the definition and key components and be sure to discuss these in your own words. Then, indicate
that you are going to analyze three conflict situations that you were (or currently are) involved in.
Body: Here you will describe each conflict situation, identify, define, and describe the prevailing power
currency, and then identify, define and describe how the conflict was approached/managed. I recommend you
organize the body of your paper similar to as follows: The first conflict situation was (describe the situation,
who was involved, where did it happen etc)……… the prevailing power currency was clearly (resource,
expertise, social network, personal, intimacy: be certain to formally define)……….and this is because……
Overall, be certain to provide clear definition (no matter how obvious) and examples that illustrate your
knowledge of both the prevailing power currency and the approach used in each conflict situation.
Conclusion: Discuss the following questions: Which power currency generates the most conflict and why do
you think this is so? Which conflict approach do you use most often, and why do you think this is so? Discuss
power and conflict management. Is there a relationship between power and how conflict is managed? Finally,
what have you learned about conflict, and conflict management?
General Instructions: Paper is to be typed, double spaced, one inch margins, and should be four to seven
pages long. Please use a Microsoft word format. Your paper should include a title, an introduction, and
conclusion and should be written in paragraph form. Writing proficiency is considered a significant part of any
grade assigned to a written assignment. Students should expect to be graded on spelling, punctuation,
grammar, and style as well as on the content and organization of their written work. In addition, be sure to
clearly define and discuss all terms/concepts employed in your discussion, regardless of how obvious they may
seem. Submit completed papers on or before 11:59 pm April 26. Papers submitted after the due date and
time will result in a score of “0”. For instructions on how to submit a paper in Canvas visit:
Post questions/concerns on the analysis paper 1 discussion board forum or email
Rough Draft Policy You may send a rough draft of your paper via email attachment and I will provide
preliminary feedback, providing I receive the draft two weeks before the absolute due date. Please be advised
that feedback is for content only, not grammar, spelling and/or sentence structure. Rough drafts must be
submitted via email attachment. DO NOT submit rough drafts to the course drop box.
Evaluation will be based on the following criteria grid:
120 points possible
A paper in the 90% to 100% A paper in the 80% to 89% A paper in the 70% to
range (108 to 120 pts)
range (96 to 107 pts)
79% range (84 to 96 pts)
Writing and its
represent collegelevel work
Well focused and
developed ideas.
Appearance, spelling,
grammar, and organization
are sound
Use of course
concepts is
accurate and
correctly applied
Concepts are thoroughly
defined. Chooses the
correct concepts to apply
and uses them accurately
in developing the work
Paper reflects
and/or significant
Shows the connection of
concepts. Uses
appropriate and precise
illustrations to support the
main idea
Overall strengths
outweigh the
weaknesses. Some
improvements are needed
in terms of appearance,
spelling, grammar,
and/or organization.
Main concepts are
adequately defined.
Chooses the correct
course concepts to apply.
No more than one minor
mistake in application.
Attempts to connect
related concepts.
Presents appropriate but
imprecise illustrations.
Several improvements
with respect to
appearance, spelling,
grammar, and/or
organization are required
as a means of clarifying
the work
Main concepts are briefly
defined. Chooses the
correct course concepts
to apply. Incorrectly
explains a concept in
Simply rephrases and reillustrates concepts or
presents irrelevant
A paper in the below the
70% range (83 pts and
Need for revision
outweighs the strengths.
Lacks focus.
Misspellings, grammar,
and/or organization
impede overall
Main concepts are not
clearly defined.
Introduces little or no
relevant concept to the
main idea
States the obvious with
no integration of personal
*This presentation is meant as a quick guide supplement to the assignment sheet. You will need to
read the assignment sheet for specific details.
■ You must view lecture 6, power currencies are not discussed in the text
■ Read assignment sheet for Analysis Paper 1: Conflict and Power (must be between two
or more people)
■ Think about/recall three personal conflict situations

Formally define the concept of conflict

Thoroughly break down and discuss the key components

Discuss this in your own words as much as possible

Identify, define, and describe the prevailing power currency

Power currencies are not discussed in the text, only lecture

Each conflict must have a different power currency

You must describe at least 3 of the 5 power currencies (resource currency, expertise currency,
social network currency, personal currency, and intimacy currency)

One prevailing power currency for each conflict scenario.

Formally define the currency and show/explain why this is THE prevailing currency for each
conflict scenario.

Discuss how the conflict was approached/managed

Formally define and discuss the approach used. Define no matter how obvious.

Explain why you feel this is the approach used.

Can use the same approach for all three scenarios, but still need to define the approach
and explain why this is so.

Discuss the following questions:

Which power currency generates the most conflict and why do you feel this is so?

Which conflict approach do you use most often, and why do you think this is so?

Is there a relationship between power and how conflict is managed?

What have you learned about conflict and conflict management?

Paper must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. April 26

Paper should be between 4 to 7 pages in length.

If the paper is under 4 pages, you are not defining/describing
Read the assignment sheet for more specific instructions

Not following directions on the assignment sheet
Not formally defining concepts (be sure to define, no matter how obvious).
Lack of explanation. Concept is defined, but not explained.
Incorrect use of a concept
Use of the same currency
Use of more than one currency per scenario.
Failure to support claims and discussion.

Email or we can set up a session on Zoom

Post questions on the discussion board forum for Analysis Paper 1

Take advantage of the rough draft policy found on assignment sheet
Before attempting this paper, you must view Module Lecture 6, specifically the slides
discussing Power and Power currencies. Power currencies (Wilmot and Hocker) are not
covered in the text. Click below for assignment instructions.
Analysis Paper 1 Conflict and Power.pdf
Download Analysis Paper 1 Conflict and
Click on the link below for a short Power Point presentation for Analysis Paper 1
Analysis Paper 1 Presentation.pptx
Download Analysis Paper 1 Presentation.pptx

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