COMM 220 Arapahoe Community College Communications Questions


Directions: Reflect on your experience and use the textbook to display learning in each response. Include the question and your response in your document. Select two questions from each section to respond to. College level writing and APA formatting is expected. Journal Requirements:Your response to each question should be 300-500 words. Each response must include both personal experience and textbook material demonstrating critical thinking and analysis of course material.Response written in APA format (double spaced, 12 pt. font, in-text citations, references page).College level writing.Section 1: Select TwoChapter 6: Consider a story from your childhood. Does the story use more general themes, or does it include unique cultural elements? (Examples: “The Little Engine That Could” from the United States and “Peach Boy” from Japan) How do the values in the story relate to your cultural values? How do they compare to past and current cultural values? Is it a story you would pass on to others? Chapter 7: Select the 10 values that are most important to you. You can use the values list included on the last page or add your own. These may be values that act as guides for how to behave, or they may be as component that you consider key for a valued way of life. Then select your top 5 values, and cross off one at a time until you get to your top value. You do not need to share any of the values you choose in your response. How did you feel about your initial list of 10 most important values? Do your values relate to your culture? How have your values changed over time? How might they differ from the values of others?Chapter 8: Reflect upon your religious background and the religion you currently identify with (if any). Consider how your perceptions of and opinions on a variety of issues are influenced by your beliefs. Does your religious identify influence your perception of certain issues? How might that differ from someone in another culture? Chapter 9: Create a list of messages you received about gender growing up. Indicate where you heard the message. You do not need to share your list in your response unless you are comfortable. Consider how the messages influenced your current views of gender. Did the messages you received as child have shaped your current views of gender? Have your views of gender changed over time? How would you share messages about gender with your children or other young people? Section 2: Select TwoChapter 10: Make a list of items and values you would miss if you were to leave your own culture. For example, access to your car. Then make a list of items and values you would be interested in experiencing in other cultures. For example, easy public transportation. How do you think culture shock would impact you? How do you think you would handle it? What intercultural communication barriers would you encounter?Chapter 11: Think of some of the labels mentioned in the text to define cultural groups like Hispanic and Chicano. Identify a label that others have placed on you, or you have placed on yourself. What kind of impact has the label had on your self-concept and your communication?Chapter 11: Consider the subcultures, cocultures, and microcultures you may be a part of. Are these groups based on geographic region, ethnicity, economic or social class? Do you feel as if you fit into these groups? Which cultural group do you most closely identify with? How does it influence your communication with others?Chapter 12: Consider how your place of employment could be viewed as a culture. When and where does the communication usually take place? Is there any shared argot, and which groups speak each argot? What are the shared nonverbals (dress code, symbols, etc.)? What are the values and goals of the culture? Do the values align with your personal values?I will include textbook references since you don’t have access to my textbook

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