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   My name is Zachary Corey, and I am a Marine Corps veteran. I served for 4 years stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, CA and got out as a Sergeant (E-5). Ever since I was a little kid I always dreamed of becoming a fire fighter and that is currently what I am pursuing. In fact when I joined the Marine Corps, I originally signed up for Crash Fire Rescue but somehow ended up working on aviation ordnance assets such as missiles and bombs for 4 years. While assembling explosives was not what I was expecting when I joined the military, it still ended up being an awesome 4 years. Aside from being a veteran, I have 2 awesome kids, and in my free time I enjoy working out, playing golf, and spending time with friends/family.
   As far as my educational goals are concerned, I am currently perusing a bachelors degree in Fire Science Management. I chose this degree because it would help with promotions once I am on the fire department. However I am considering changing my major to Business that way if something happens and fire fighting doesn’t work out I will have other open doors to good jobs. An interesting fact about me that actually ties back to potentially pursuing a Business degree is that when I first got out of the military I actually started my own small business doing home renovations. I really enjoyed that, but about 6 months after starting my business the infamous Corona Virus swept over the nation and business slowed down to the point I had to find something new. I think the most challenging thing about online classes is finding time for myself between working full time, doing college, and spending time with my kids when I have them. Regardless, I am excited to be back in college and working on building a better life for myself and my kids. #alittlerustybutgettingbackintoit
   With so many classes being transferred to the online environment I think having the discussion boards really help with having the ability to ask questions and get help when necessary, especially for those who wouldn’t normally ask questions during class. I think online courses are also good for individuals who struggle to pay attention during lectures since we have to read and go over the course material ourselves allowing us to review each section as much as necessary before moving on to the next section. I think we can use this platform to evolve as learners because it gives us the opportunity to do as much research as we need while still providing an outlet to ask questions in order to understand each topic.
   Anyway, I look forward to learning with you all over the next 8 weeks! Best of luck!

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