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Please just write out the speechPresentation 1: Elevator speech (online video): 45 – 60 secondElevator Speech: 70 pointsElevator Speech Outline: If you found yourself in an elevator with an executive representing the company you would most like to work for, what would you say? How would you capitalize on that opportunity? That is the idea behind the elevator speech. An elevator speech, sometimes referred to as an elevator pitch, is a short summary used to quickly and simply defines a person, profession, product, service, organization or event and its value proposition [Wikipedia,].The elevator speech may be used to win a job at a networking event or job fair. Businesses are increasingly asking prospective employees to submit videos that serve as elevator speeches, along with the traditional resume and references. Products are sold to investors on crowd-funding sites such as and utilizing elevator speech videos.For this assignment, you will write an elevator speech that either:1. introduces yourself to a prospective hiring manager, or 2. introduces a product or service (associated with your degree program or professional interests) to a prospective customer or investor.The speech should include an attention-getting statement, a description of what you or your product does, and an explanation of the value you or your product provides to your audience. Your conclusion should include an appropriate request that will move your interaction forward.Remember, an effective elevator speech is crafted in advance and practiced, so that the words flow naturally when you speak. Practice, practice, and practice your speech in front of friends and in front of a mirror. When you are ready to deliver it flawlessly, ask a friend to video record your elevator speech, or use your webcam (follow instructions for Student Biography). Be sure to wear professional clothing and colors that look good on video.Your grade will be based upon: (a) use of attention-getting introduction; (b) effective summary of your or your product’s skills and value; (c) analysis of and adaptation to your imagined audience; (d) appropriateness of movement, posture, dress, vocals, etc, (e) outline.Videotape your speech and upload the video to the Elevator Speech Discussion Board. Use Kaltura mashup for uploading or creating video.While recording speech, assume that you are in the classroom and you have an audience. Keep a good distance from the computer or camera that your half body is visible. Use a table or counter top in place of roster. Do not read from the paper, it should be extemporaneous, maintain good eye contact (do not look here and there or up and down), do not be monotone or robotic, and be enthusiastic about your speech.

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