COM 200 University of Texas Wk 7 Communication the Key to Work Speech Outline Template


 Speech Outline
 you will be creating the outline for the speech you will deliver in Week 9. This week, you will not compose an essay or speech. You are only required to submit an outline. Your persuasive speech will focus on one specific collaboration tool. Be sure to focus on the advantages and benefits of the collaboration tool in relation to your organization.
View the Week 9 Assignment here.
What to submit/deliverables: Speech outline.
What you need to complete this assignment: To complete this assignment, you will need the following resources:

Assignment Overview Video.
Speech Outline Template [DOCX].

Steps to Complete: In Week 7, complete and submit your assignment in BlackBoard using the following steps:
STEP 1: Review the scenario from Assignment 1:
Scenario:Your organization recently shifted to remote work. Since that time, you have heard complaints from a few co-workers concerning the lack of collaboration tools and difficulty effectively collaborating in a remote environment. You also know that your supervisor has recently received a number of complaints concerning the company’s online collaboration tools. Because of these complaints, your supervisor is in search of technology that can be used to effectively facilitate remote collaboration.
Your co-worker recently left you a voicemail message expressing extreme frustration with the lack of collaboration tools and has asked if there is something that can be done to help the organization select and implement a collaboration tool.  As a team leader and as part of the task force researching collaboration tools, you have been asked to present on one collaborative tool – providing context on the tool and the advantages of adopting the tool. Your goal is to convince the leadership team to adopt one collaborative tool for use throughout the organization.

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COM200 Assignment 4
Speech Outline Template
Student Name
Professor Brazil
*Please note that the purpose of this template is to assist you with correctly
formatting an outline. Please carefully review the Assignment Overview and help
videos in the course. Also, your outline should not include complete paragraphs,
entire speech, or an essay.*
COM200 Assignment 4
*Add your own information to this template simply use this as a guide for
formatting. Reminder: all sources must be cited both in-text and in the Sources
section using SWS. Please see the text below (highlighted in green) for examples
of SWS citations.
Speech Outline Template
I. Introduction
A) Attention getter (Quote, Statistic, Anecdote, etc. – cite all outside information).
B) Purpose (topic of the speech).
C) Preview your Main Points (1, 2 and 3).
1. Main point 1
2. Main point 2
3. Main point 3
II. Body
1. Main point #1
a. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Smith, 1).
b. Supporting Detail/Research/Example.
c. Supporting Detail/Research/Example.
2. Main point #2
a. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Adams, 2)
b. Supporting Detail/Research/Example
c. Supporting Detail/Research/Example
3. Main point #3
a. Supporting Detail/Research/Example
b. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Smith, 1)
c. Supporting Detail/Research/Example (Adams, 2)
COM200 Assignment 4
III. Conclusion
A) Review your Main Points (1, 2 and 3)
1. Main point 1
2. Main point 2
3. Main point 3
B) Purpose (Restate speech topic)
C) Memorable Conclusion (Quote, Statistic, or Anecdote, Call to Action)
(Replace with your own sources-this shows correct formatting only)
1. Bob Smith. 2015. Importance of an Outline.
2. Jane Adams. 2018. Using Presentations Effectively.

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