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Write an essay on what you have learned this semester. Look at your first writings this semester and then compare them to your current skills. How has your writing changed? What have you learned about writing, grammar, or yourself?

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[Last Name] 1
Muneer Bantan
Andy Stanfield
Talking about favorite hobbies brings to my mind playing soccer, I’ve been growing up
on playing soccer since I was a child until today, it is something that I really enjoy doing it, back
home I used to play soccer every day in the school and twice a week with my friends outside the
school. As the days passed, I came to the US to study, but I’ve never stopped doing my hobby, it
became more exciting because I played with people from another countries, which gave more
experience about the game.
Furthermore, I like playing volleyball, there was a time in the last summer and fall I was
playing it about 3-4 times a week, I did improve my skills in this sport since I came to
Melbourne, I participated in the Saudi student union club volleyball championship and I won it.
Moreover, I like playing videogames especially FIFA, but I haven’t been playing for the
past three months because of the study, fortunately I came back to play two days ago, I thought
about it and said I should not quit because I’ve been playing this game since 2014, so I’m back at
it again.
[Last Name] 1
Muneer Bantan
Andy Stanfield
Different Personas
Various identities represent the diversity, everyone has many personas, the best persona
that I’m proud of belong to is the family member persona, especially as a son, I like being
servants to my parents, trying to make them comfortable and satisfied. In addition, being a
brother is very fun thing, especially old brother, throw some jokes on my siblings, play with
them, disturbing them in their rooms sometimes is my favorite hoppy, I love them and miss them
very much. Since I like playing sports such as soccer and volleyball, so that will affect my
friends, I have many friends who share the same hoppies with me, and I have some friends that
we don’t have that much common things but of course we love each other.
[Last Name] 1
Muneer Bantan
Andy Stanfield
Fundamentals of Soccer
Soccer in my opinion is one of the easiest sports to play, even though it depends more on
the talent rather than anything else, but that can not deny the fact of working hard to get
improved in it, many professional soccer players aren’t talented but they have the basics of this
sports, and they worked on the weak points to turn it into a strength points. Soccer relies on
many factors that all or some of them must exist in the soccer player, such as, fitness, control the
ball, passing, run with the ball, enough strong physicality, dribbling, and mentality. These are the
crucial requirements of soccer, if you have all of them so you should be a very good player, and
I’m going to illustrate those factors in detail.
The first major skill that we need to focus on is controlling the ball, that means when
someone pass the ball to me, I should know how I will receive the ball, and stop it under my
foot, and this skill divided into two important parts, the visual part, which is monitoring the
movement of the ball by your eyes, that will make it easier control the ball when it reaches you.
The other part is using the foot, so whenever the ball coming, you will be resting on one foot
relatively more than the other, for example, if you are a right foot player you will be standing on
left foot and control the ball with you right, and vise versa. Controlling the ball might be with the
inner or outer foot depending on the situation of the body and the ball.
After you had the ball under your foot, here comes the time to whether pass it or dribble,
there are to types of passes, short pass and long pass, and since the modern football relies on
[Last Name] 2
short passes and teamwork more than individual skills, learning how to pass is an essential skill
in the world of football, and to get better at passing there are some tips that will help you a lot.
First of all, the vision, that means once you receive the ball you should not be looking at the ball
in the ground, but you must have an awareness of your teammates around you, to determine the
best option of them to pass, then you will make the decision to pass. Here we come to the
techniques of passing the ball, to be better at passing you have to be good in controlling the ball
and protect your ball, in addition to put your body in a good condition to pass the ball easily, and
to do that you must set your load on one foot relatively more than the other, for instance, if you
are going to pass the ball by your right foot, you will be standing on the left foot, and the right
foot will be in motion to pass the ball, and the same for the left foot. Passing with the inner foot
is more accurate than any other technique, especially in the short passes, it gives the ball enough
power to reach your teammate, and it is better to point the ball to the right place.
[Last Name] 1
Muneer Bantan
Dr. Andy Stanfield
Impacts of the Pandemic
Looking back at the past two years reminds us of a very tough days that all the humanity
has been through together, talking about the pandemic of COVID-19, which has started to spread
out in the early months of 2020. Obviously, the pandemic has made a deep crack in the world
since then, everything has changed, many restrictions were forced on the entire world, new
behaviors that people are not used to, a lot of requirements emerged to people, many other
effects of the pandemic will be discussed in detail through this essay.
The story has begun in the early days of December 2019, the World Health Organization
declared that a threatening disease was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan, it called out all
the countries to be aware of a potential danger. There was where the story started, the countries
initiated some precautionary procedures by closing the borders to protect their lands and citizens
from this epidemic, and calling the citizens who are abroad to come back, and restrict the flights
on the evacuation flights for citizens only. However, the disease has invaded the world as quick
as wink, the number of cases is increasing dramatically, the hospitals were full of patients, where
the situation was out of control in some countries, the number of deaths was terrifying.
Therefore, the governments have begun encouraging people to quarantine, and home
isolation for those who are suspected of being infected, in addition to instruct the need of
wearing masks and gloves, staying home except for emergency, advice people not to gather and
[Last Name] 2
meet others, avoid handshakes, try not to touch surfaces, using sanitizers and washing hands
frequently, and practice social distance in public places, while many countries had to impose the
lockdown and set a fine on whoever break the rules; it was scary to see those empty streets while
the curfew, the cities became a ghost cities, I remember when I visited New York city, I was
stunned how it was relatively empty, the Times Square wasn’t full of people as I used to see in
pictures, especially when I went to the Empire State Building, literally, there wasn’t any single
person in the line except me and my friend. All of these instructions were imposed to save
people’s lives, which led to an increase in the prices of the protective supplies such as, masks,
hand sanitizers, and gloves, due to high demand at that time.
In fact, some of these effects continued until this moment such as, wearing masks, avoid
handshakes, and the isolation, whereas, most of them lasted for around one year, such as,
wearing gloves, social distance, the lockdown, and the avoidance of gatherings. However, there
are many positive effects of this pandemic which turned into good habits, for example, people
became more concerned about their personal hygiene by keeping their hands cleaned.
Furthermore, the worst side of the pandemic was the bankruptcy of many companies, this
causes many people to lose their jobs, some companies had to do salary cuts to avoid bankruptcy,
people were affected by these decisions in light of the high cost of living, the damage was
evident in many countries. Moreover, these hindrances had a huge impact on the global economy
and especially the oil prices, as the price of a barrel of oil fell, the gasoline prices started to rise
since then.
Eventually, good news has appeared to the world, antiviral vaccines have been
developed, people started to breathe a sigh of relief after this news, hoping for this pandemic to
go away forever. The governments have been encouraging people to get vaccinated as soon as
[Last Name] 3
possible by providing millions of doses, in addition to that, most companies set the requirement
of vaccination in order to get their features, that led people to take the doses.
In summary, although this disease has made the humanity suffer and it caused a lot of
people to die, but always there is a bright side which is that we went through this together, we
fought so hard against this tiny virus until we finally beat it. Most of people were responsible by
adhering the instructions issued by the governments to protect their families, neighbors, and
society. Regarding the economic situation, companies have started to recover from this tiring
pandemic. Nowadays, the situation began to improve significantly, the number of cases is
drastically decreased, all of these are indications that life is gradually returning to normal.
Reflective Analysis
For the fourth essay of the semester, I was instructed to write a cause or effect paper on a
specific topic. First, it wasn’t too difficult to pick a topic due to abundance of topics, I decided to
write about the effects of COVID-19, it’s a really recent and ongoing topic, so the information is
relatively affordable.
After I settled on my topic, I started brainstorming to come up with as many ideas as
possible, I typed every idea in my phone, then I started to arrange the ideas by importance.
Writing this essay wasn’t too easy, because it reminds me of very difficult days, but I tried my
best to organize the paragraphs in a good shape, trying to use the techniques of the good writing
that I learned in this course.
After that comes the rereading, by looking carefully at my writing, I was able to polish
the essay from any spelling or grammatical errors, which is very important in the process of
[Last Name] 4
writing an essay, it might come up with more ideas as well, I tried to keep the sequence of the
events as much as possible, it gives the essay a harmonic view to pull the reader.

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