Columbia Southern University System Analysis and Design Questions


1. The final task in the preliminary investigation is to summarize the results and recommendations and then report it to management. Would you use a written report or an oral presentation to report your findings? Explain your choice. 

2. Summarize strategic planning in your own words. Illustrate your summary by using real-world examples of tools you have seen used effectively in strategic planning.

3. Imagine you are an information technology (IT) project manager in your city. Explain IT project management and how that information can aid you in your current or future career.

4. Consider the scenario below.
A lively discussion is under way at Sunrise Software, where you are a project manager. The main question is whether the person-days concept has limitations. In other words, if a task will require 100 person-days, does it matter whether two people in 50 days, five people in 20 days, 10 people in 10 days, or some other combination that adds up to 100 performs the work?
Two programmers on the project seem to think it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, one of the project’s systems analysts says it is ridiculous to think that any combination would work. To support his point, this extreme example was offered: Could 100 people accomplish a task estimated at 100 person-days in one day? (Tilley, 2020, p. 80)
Conclude whether the strategic planning of the systems analyst is appropriate in this scenario. Explain your answer.
Your response must be at least 200 words in length. Reference attachement
5. Describe three of your favorite strategic planning tools and how you can apply them in your current or future profession.

6. Imagine that you are designing a volunteer portal for a nonprofit organization. How would you go about gathering requirements for the volunteer portal’s system? 

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