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Read the posts of the other learners and respond to the initial post of at least one. Do you agree with his or her assessment of the most difficult step in the program development model? Why or why not?Student post down below:
According to Martin, Kettner, Moroney, and Lawrence (2015). “The contribution of substantive theory dealing with a specific problem relates to that part of the assessment process that attempts to help the program planner understand the etiology the cause and effect of the problem” (p.24). They continue by saying that having a clear understanding of a theoretical foundation is important in determining factors associated with the presence of the problem it tells providers what data need to be collected(Martin et al, 2015). There are many newer theoretical aspects of management planning, reflective practice, marketing theory, networking, and even critical theory is important in exploring the full range of management and planning theories. However, our primary concern is to create a model of program planning that can enable students and practitioners to understand and incorporate effectiveness-based principles into client-serving programs( Calley, 2010). While there are many points of intervention in the case of domestic violence, such as (1) prevention, (2) early intervention when the abuse has begun, and (3) support for a woman who is seeking help to escape from her abuser (Martin et al, 2015).Three major types of planning are used in human services: (1) strategic planning, (2) management planning, and (3) program planning. While the three are used for different purposes, they all build on the above discussion of the theory of planning. All three assume a rational approach to decision-making or problem-solving. They are concerned with the relationship between ends and means, goals, and intervention strategies. Furthermore, to act rationally, the planner needs to identify a course of action that lays out the most efficient means the best solution.I would find Step VII: Develop the Financial Management Plan to be the most challenging because the financial management plan is intricately tied to other aspects of the program implementation and program sustainability, directly reflecting expenditures related to organizational infrastructure and real and potential funding sources( Calley, 2010).

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