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The set required for human service professionals is seemingly more demanding now than ever.Aside from the expected clinical demands of human service professionals’, current trends require human services leaders be not only clinically competent, but also dichotomous, flexible and perceptive. Flexible in that they will need to smoothy vacillate between the elements of clinical and business acumen, and perceptive enough to discern and accommodate the needs of the populations they serve (Cahill, 2011; Kettner, Moroney, Martin, 2017).Human service leadership and program development carries with it the unique characteristic of duality of service – that is to say that they lack the privilege of a singular professional focus, but instead, need to successfully navigate both worlds of clinical expertise and business strategy. Funding for current organizational models demand levels of accountability from services providers that have “raised the bar”, thus requiring leadership to innovate in both worlds (Cahill, 2011; Kettner, Moroney, Martin, 2017).In my current role at a major health insurer, I have noticed a trend among my colleagues and leadership where many will hold dual degrees – both clinical and business related. It is not at all uncommon to see nurses who hold double master’s degrees, or Medica Directors (physicians) who also hold MBAs or master’s public health. While at one point being dual-degreed was a “stand -out” for clinicians, it has become much more of a competitive necessity within many human services realms.

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