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Assignment 7Go to page 486 Case 12.2.4 Questions to answer and save to a pdf and submit.[ Complete this by create a video of yourself and answering the questions ] Do a short video explaining your answers and briefly if you understand or support this.Project 7Follow the Lab videos (Video 1 & 2)- Setup an Alexa Skill Set of your choice- Setup the English(UK), Italian and 2 other lanagues of your choice- Code the exercise like in the LAB- Ensure each section uses a variable that I show you how to do the first two (example, help and error) should replace the hard code, and provide a variable that was established- Create a video walking through the code that you added, the languages and a demo of you using the system to talk to Alexa.doAssignment 8You’re a software company and you haven been presented an opportunity to build a software application that will change the way that movies are seen at a drive thru movie. You are presented an opportunity to enhance the traditional way that the audience are use to watching movie. This new technology will be able to provide a hologram anywhere you want to watch a movie, but the visualality will be as if you are on the set of the movie where it’s being filmed, more than 4k.You are tasked to use either an Agile or Waterfall methodology(If you use Agile)1. Create a list of 10 sample tasks that will need to be accomplished during the 4 week sprint. These will remain in the backlog, and 5 will remain in Sprint 1. << This is your sprint planning >>2. Create a Stand up Meeting: Create a video that represents what you worked on yesterday, what you’re currently working on and any roadblocks3. Create a Sprint Review: Explain on video or show what you were able to create. In this case, we aren’t physically creating anything. We will express what “supposedly” took place to develop4. Retrospective Meeting: Discuss items that you could have improved during the sprint. Example, allocating hours more efficiently for each member of the project.—- Waterfall Methodology —-1. Planning: Create a 1 page document on the planning that is involved with the project. Discuss about what the take aways are on the project, risks that exist, outcomes2. Analysis: Create a 1 page document on what the analysis is on the project.3. Design: Create a 1 page document explaining about the design of the software4. Implementation & Testing: Create a 1 page document explaining how the application will be implemented into the cloud or onpremise server, and how will it be tested, what is the tests that will be ran5. Support Maintenenace: Explain how the software will be maintained.

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