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CISC359 Project Guidelines
The term project requires students to develop a web-based
application using Django framework. It gives students a good
opportunity to get hands-on experience in different aspects of
web application, including front end html page design, server
side business logic and database design.
The project is team-based, each team should consist of no more
than four students. You can come up with any idea of your
project as long as it conforms to the following requirements. For
your reference, I attach a list of projects below, which may give
you some ideas.
1. Using Django framework to develop a web-based
2. At least three html pages should contain forms which
allow users to submit information to web server.
3. Your application should use database to maintain some
data. Default database of Django is recommended.
4. Please provide brief design documents covering the
introduction to functionalities, database design etc.
Screenshots of your testing are recommended but not
1. Sports( for example NBA ) historic data search or live
score checker.
2. Live/historic stock markets checker.
3. Course registration.
4. Bookstore inventory management
5. Deal/Coupon website
6. Restaurant table reservation
7. Parking ticket
Submission: source code and design documents
Deadline: The last day of semester

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