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From Voices of Freedom, please choose ONE document from the assigned chapter and explain its significance. The objective of this assignment is to analyze change throughout history, to critically discuss the transformation or the solidification of a particular perspective. Your submission must be minimum 200 words, with specific details of your claim. 
Some themes you could discuss (but not limited to):
LibertyImmigrationIndustrializationFreedomWomenSlaveryNative American
For example: Chapter 1 Post: Choose one document. 
In minimum 200-words, discuss how Adam Smith sees colonization (with specific details and citations) and elaborate on how such perspective impacted history.  

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7. Exchange between John Smith and
Powhatan (1608)
Source: John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia … (London, 162
pp. 74–76.
When English colonists arrived in Virginia in 1607, they landed in an a
inhabited by more than 15,000 Indians, members of some thirty tribes
loosely united in a confederacy whose leader the settlers called Powhata
the native word for both his tribe and the title of paramount chief. In a
history written in 1624, the English leader John Smith recalled his
exchange with Powhatan sixteen years earlier. Of course, Powhatan’s
words are filtered through Smith’s memory. But the exchange seems to
capture differences in outlook between the two leaders.
THE 12 OF JANUARY we arrived at Werowocomoco…. Quartering
in the next houses we found, we sent to Powhatan for provision, who
sent us plenty of bread, turkeys, and venison; the next day having
feasted us after his ordinary manner, he began to ask us when we
would be gone, saying he sent not for us, neither had he any corn; and
his people much less, yet for forty swords he would procure us forty
baskets. … The King concluded the matter with a merry laughter,
oices of Freed
swords, valuing a basket of corn more precious than a basket of cop-
king for our commodities, but none he liked without guns and
per, saying he would rate his corn, but not the copper.
Captain Smith seeing the intent of this subtle savage began to
deal with him after this manner.
Powhatan, though I had many courses to have made my provi-
sion, yet believing your promises to supply my wants, I neglected all
to satisfy your desire, and to testify my life, I sent you my men for
your building, neglecting my own. What your people had you have
engrossed, forbidding them our trade, and now you think by con
suming the time, we shall consume for want, not having to fulfill
your strange demands. As for swords and guns, I told you long ago I
had none to spare, and you must know those I have can keep me
from want, yet steal or wrong you I will not, nor dissolve that friend
ship we have mutually promised, except you constrain me by our
ad usage.
The King having attentively listened to this discourse, promised
that both he and his country would spare him what he could, which
within two days they should receive. Yet Captain Smith, said the
King, some doubt I have of your coming hither, that makes me not
so kindly seek to relieve you as I would, for many do inform me,
your coming hither is not for trade, but to invade my people, and
possess my country, who dare not come to bring you corn, seeing
you thus armed with your men. To free us of this fear, leave abroad
your weapons, for here they are useless, we being all friends, and for
ever Powhatan’s….
While we expected the coming in of the country, we wrangled
out of the King ten quarters of corn for a copper kettle…. Where-
with each seemed well contented, and Powhatan began to expostu-
late the difference of Peace and War after this manner.
Captain Smith, you may understand that I having seen the death
of all my people thrice, and not any one living of these three genera-
tions but myself, I know the difference of Peace and War better
than any in my country. But now I am old and ere long must die, my
Beginnings of English America, 1607-1660
hout guns and
a basket of cop-
avage began to
zade my provi-
-, I neglected all
ou my men for
le had you have
1 think by con-
naving to fulfill
you long ago I
keep me
olve that friend
train me by our
ve can
ourse, promised
he could, which
Smith, said the
at makes me not
do inform me,
brethren, namely Opichapam, Opechancanough, and Kekataugh,
my two sisters, and their two daughters, are distinctly each others
successors. I wish their experience no less than mine, and your love
to them no less than mine to you. But this (rumor] that you are come
to destroy my country, so much frightens all my people as they dare
not visit you. What will it avail you to take that by force you may
quickly have by love, or to destroy them that provide you food? What
can you get by war, when we can hide our provisions and fly to the
woods, whereby you must famish by wronging us your friends. And
why are you thus jealous of our loves seeing us unarmed, and both do
and are willing still to feed you, with that you cannot get but by our
laborers? Think you I am so simple, not to know it is better to eat
good meat, lie well, and sleep quietly with my women and children,
laugh and be merry with you, have copper, hatchets, or what I want
being your friend, than be forced to fly from all, to lie cold in the
woods, feed upon acorns, roots, and such trash, and be so hunted by
you, that I can neither rest, eat, nor sleep, but my tired men must
watch, and if a twig but break, every one cries there comes Captain
Smith. Then I must fly I know not where, and thus with miserable
fear, end my miserable life, leaving my pleasures to such youths as
you…. Let this therefore assure you of our love, and every year our
friendly trade shall furnish you with corn, and now also, if you would
come in friendly manner to see us, and not this with your guns and
swords as to invade your foes.
To this subtle discourse, (Smith) replied.
Seeing you will not rightly conceive of our words, we strive to make
you know our thoughts by our deeds; the vow I made you of my love,
both myself and my men have kept. As for your promise I find it every
day violated by some of your subjects, yet we finding your love and
kindness, our custom is so far from being ungrateful, that for your
sake only we have curbed our thirsting desire of revenge, else had
they known as well the cruelty we use to our enemies, as our true
love and courtesy to our friends. And I think your judgment suffi-
cient to conceive, as well by the adventures we have undertaken, as
my people, and
you corn, seeing
cear, leave abroad
Il friends, and for
try, we wrangled
kettle…. Where
began to exposto
ng seen the death
hese three genera
e and War better
long must die
Voices of Freedom
by the advantage we have (by our arms) of yours, that had weintended
you any hurt, long ere this we could have effected it.
1. What goods does each leader seek from the other?
2. How does the exchange illuminate some of the roots of conflict between
settlers and Indians?

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