Central State University What Is an Information Interview Discussion Questions


26.2 What information should you try to learn about a company? (LO 26-2)
26.3 What is an information interview? (LO 26-4)
26.4 What is the hidden job market? 
26.5 Why is it desirable to start thinking about jobs months—even years—before you’ll actually be on the market? (LO 26-1)
26.6 Why is it important to research the companies you want to apply to? (LO 26-2)
27.1 How do you decide whether to use a chronological or a skills résumé? (LO 27-3)
27.2 In a chronological résumé, in what order do you list your experience? (LO 27-4)
27.4 Is it ethical to omit information that might hurt you, such as a low-grade point average? (LO 27-1)
27.7 What are the arguments for and against listing references on your résumé? (LO 27-5)

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