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5.1 How can you create white space? (LO 5-1) 5.2 How do you decide whether to use bullets or numbers in alist? (LO 5-1)5.3 What are three criteria for good web pages? (LO 5-3)

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Use White Space
White space the empty space on the page-makes material easier to read by emphasiz-
ing the material that it separates from the rest of the text. To create white space,
• Use headings.
• Use a mix of paragraph lengths (most no longer than seven typed lines).

Use lists.
• Use tabs or indents-not spacing-to align items vertically.

Use numbered lists when the number or sequence of items is exact.

Use bullets (large dots or squares like those in this list) when the number and
sequence don’t matter.
When you use a list, make sure all of the items in it are parallel and fit into the structure
of the sentence that introduces the list.
The following suggestions can help employers avoid bias in job interviews:
1. Base questions on the job description.
2. Questioning techniques.
3. Selection and training of interviewers.
The following suggestions can help employers avoid bias in job interviews:
1. Base questions on the job description.
2. Ask the same questions of all applicants.
3. Select and train interviewers carefully.
Also parallel: Employers can avoid bias in job interviews by
1. Basing questions on the job description.
2. Asking the same questions of all applicants.
3. Selecting and training interviewers carefully.
Figure 5.1 shows an original typed document. In Figure 5.2, the same document
is improved by using shorter paragraphs, lists, and headings. These devices take
space. When saving space is essential, it’s better to cut the text and keep white space
and headings.The name of your present employer,
• Your Social Security number,
• The amount of money loaned,
List with
bullets where
order of

The rate of interest,
list when items
are short.
The date when payments are due, and
• Your signature.
The words “Wage Assignment” must be printed at the top of the form and also near the line for your
When Would Money Be Deducted from Your Wages to Pay a Creditor?
Even if you have signed a Wage Assignment agreement, Roysner will not withhold part of your wages
unless all of the following conditions are met:
Headings must be
parallel. Here, all
are questions.
1. You have to be more than 40 days late in payment of what you owe;
White space
2. Roysner has to receive a correct statement of the amount you are in default and
a copy of the Wage Assignment form; and
list where
order of
number, 3. You and Roysner must receive a notice from the creditor at least 20 days in
advance stating that the creditor plans to make a demand on your wages. This
20-day notice gives you a chance to correct the problem yourself.
Double-space between
items in a list when
most items are two
lines or longer.
If these conditions are all met, Roysner must withhold fifteen percent (15%) of each paycheck until
your bill is paid and give this money to your creditor.some studies show that users grow impatient after waiting 15 seconds for a page to load,
research by Jakob Nielsen puts that number at 10 seconds, and he says users often leave
web pages within 10 to 20 seconds, staying on average less than a minute. In addition,
users tend not to scroll down beyond the first screen of text.5 To keep visitors around long
enough to find (and buy) what they want, make using the first screen extremely easy.

Provide an introductory statement orienting the surfing reader to the organization.
Offer an overview of the content of your page, with links to take readers to the parts that
interest them. A site index and internal search engine are valuable tools.

Include information that will be most interesting and useful to most readers.
The rest of the page can contain information that only a limited number of readers will
want. When a document reaches four pages or more, think about dividing it into several
documents. Specialized information can go on another page, which readers can click on if
they want it.
Make it clear what readers will get if they click on a link.
Ineffective phrasing:
Employment. Openings and skills levels are determined by
each office.
Better phrasing:
Employment. Openings listed by skills level and by location.
Minimize the number of links readers have to click through to get to the information
they want.
As you design pages,
Use small graphics; keep animation to a minimum. Both graphics and animation take
time to load, especially with a slow modem. Include a Skip Intro button if you have an
animated introduction page.
• Provide visual variety. Use indentations, bulleted or numbered lists, and headings.
Unify multiple pages with a small banner, graphic, or label so surfers know who
sponsors each page.
On each page, provide a link to the home page, the name and e-mail address of the
person who maintains the page, and the date when the page was last revised.

If your web pages include music or sound effects, put an Off button where the user can
find it immediately.
Open App
Go to
Jakob Nielsen’s website on
web page design is one of the
most useful pages on the web.
Nielsen provides classic past
columns (such as the Top Ten
Mistakes of Web Design) as
well as current content.
Guidelines for Page
• Use white space to separate
and emphasize points.
Use headings to group points.
• Limit the use of words set in
all capital letters.
• Use no more than two fonts
in a single document.
• Decide whether to justify
margins based on the
situation and the audience.

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