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Use attachment and your own words to answer these questions6.1 What is you-attitude? (LO 6-1) 6.2 How can you create you-attitude within sentences?(LO 6-1)6.3 How can you create you-attitude beyond the sentence level? (LO 6-2, LO 6-3)6.6 Think of a time when you felt a business cared about you. What words or actions made you feel that way? (LO 6-1, LO 6-2)

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Summary of Learning Objectives
To create you-attitude in sentences, (LO 6-1)
1. Talk about the reader, not about yourself.

2. Refer to the reader’s request or order specifically.
3. Don’t talk about feelings, except to congratulate or offer
4. In positive situations, use you more often than I. Use we
when it includes the reader.
5. Avoid you in negative situations.
Apply you-attitude beyond the sentence level by using organi-
zation, content, and layout as well as style to build goodwill.
(LO 6-2)
To create goodwill with content, (LO 6-3)
Be complete.
Anticipate and answer likely questions from readers.

Show readers how the message subject affects them.
To organize information with goodwill,
Put information readers are most interested in first.
Arrange information to meet your reader’s needs.
Use headings and lists.

Show why information is important if the reader didn’t ask
for it.

Seeing another point of view means putting yourself “in the
other person’s shoes.” (LO 6-4)
Use empathy.
• Think of a situation where you were misunderstood.
Resist the temptation to put your needs ahead of

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