Central Michigan University The Subtle Body Discussion and Responses


Remote Module 1, Discussion 2: The Subtle Body
For Discussion 2 of Remote Module 1, carefully read the following peer-reviewed article and answer the posed questions.
Sequeira, S., & Loizzo, J. J. (2016). The subtle body: an interoceptive map of central nervous system function and meditative mind-brain-body integration. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1, 78. https://doi.org/10.1111/nyas.13065 (Links to an external site.)
Define the subtle body
Describe the chakras or hubs linked to the central nervous system
Discuss the difference between the two central nervous system models
 First peer discussion post Define the subtle bodyThe subtle body is defined by the text and the main body-mind central nervous system’s map (also known as chakras) is used by researchers to better understand yoga techniques and give a reliable model/map for researchers to use for the guidance of neural mechanisms. This map is used to show the subtle material of the nervous system and explains that life evolution occurs in ten life stages. The subtle body map also includes a map of the 10 energies of the body, 5 energies that are focused on the body’s functions, and 5 energies that are focused on the body’s senses. Describe the chakras or hubs linked to the central nervous systemThe chakras, or hubs, are 7 energies that run down the central channel and have specific functions for the physical body and mental depending on their placement. Hub 1: known as the command hub, is responsible for supporting a person’s waking state of mind, conscience, self-regulation, and higher intelligence and is located behind a person’s forehead. Hub 2: known as the thousandfold great bliss, and is responsible for supporting a person’s five senses, orgasmic sensations, motor skills (intentional), and daydreaming and is located at the crown of the head. Hub 3: known as the pure enjoyment hub, is responsible for supporting a person’s emotions, dream state, energy balance, and dream state and is located at the larynx (in a person’s throat). Hub 4: known as the primal truth hub, is responsible for supporting a person’s awareness, waking through the sleep cycle, motivational instincts, and their core system of bliss and is located at the heart.Hub 5: known as the embodiment hub, is responsible for supporting a person’s digestion, metabolism, respiratory system, and visceral sensations and is located at the right under a person’s belly button.Hubs 6 & 7: known as the sacral/genital hub, are dependent on gender and are responsible for supporting a person’s sexual functions, orgasmic states, deep sleep, dreaming, and homeostasis. These hubs are located either beneath the sacrum or on the tip of the clitoris or penis. Discuss the difference between the two central nervous system modelsThe Indic Subtle Body Model is based on the subtle “material” of the structure and function of a person’s central nervous system. This model is used more internally and is said to grow on a molecular level along the central channel.The Modern Research Model is used more scientifically and attempts to map out the brains wiring to observe a person’s learning, development, and memory.  Discuss the practical applications of this article for college studentsI believe some of the practical applications of this article would be the whole research of the Subtle Body Model and how widely used the model is to map out a person’s central nervous system. This article can help college students better understand the meaning behind yoga and meditation and how they can improve the central nervous system area by area. I found it incredibly informative that the article explained all of the chakras, from their locations to what they are supporting within a person’s CNS. 
the second peer Discussion post the subtle body is another name for the chakra system. the hubs linked to the central nervous system are the central-genital hub, the embodiment hub, the truth hub, the pure enjoyment hub, the thousandfold bliss hub, and the command hub.the traditional central nervous system that is most often used today by scientists and doctors differs greatly from the subtle body model which was used as a map of central nervous system function in traditional Indian and Tibetan medicine, neuropsychiatry, and neuropsychology.this article is a good application for those looking to argue the scientific validity of yoga and the beneficial effects of yoga. it’s good for showing how relevant the chakra system is to the study of modern medicine. the article also states that the subtle body system anticipated modern views of the mind and nervous system in key ways. it can also be used to stretch the scope of modern scientists’ evaluation of the CNS to take account for the brain’s connection to the heart, gut, and immune systems.

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