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Discussion Part 1: Sutras
For Discussion 1 of Remote Module 2, and based the information you learned in the videos
“” and
” https://youtu.be/U26pXuGxknI” (Links to an external site.)share your insights about the following ideas:
Define Higher Consciousness
Reflecting upon the video: (a) to which one did you most connect, and (b) explain how or why you felt this connection

(peer post one )
Higher consciousness is when you have elevated awareness and have a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, the self, and spiritual aspects of life which play an essential role in your psychological development. To spiritually-minded people, it is generally described to be important but it is difficult to reach some or most mental states.Some ways to help elevate higher consciousness: Awaken – Have a purposeful pause at any time of the day.Live Mindfully – Paying attention to your thoughts and feelings.Set Intention – Align your intention with your purpose.Act Consciously – Taking accountability and able to view your action in relation to how you treat others and/or yourself.The mind and intelligence experiences itself in transcendental consciousness. The observer of reality is the mind. The mind is completely silent; however, the consciousness is awake. Transcendental Consciousness allows the mind to reflect inwardly beyond the source of thought which is pure awareness.Although I have no experienced this awareness or any of the others, I connect with this one the most because it is the one that I think I might achieve one day whereas the other consciousness states is something I do not think I can reach.
( peer post two)
1. Higher Consciousness is a term used to explain very vital mental states of the mind that are extremely difficult to get to. This term is commonly used by those who practice spirituality, like Monks and Hindu Sages. A lot of the time higher consciousness can be reached via meditation. Higher consciousness is said to be more easily accessible in times when a person is most at ease, like in the early morning or very late nights. This state of mind involves thoughts that are more unbiased and universal than our thoughts throughout the day thinking with our lower consciousness. 2. Personally, I have connected with the video on higher consciousness more than I connected with the video on the seven states of consciousness. I felt this way because I thought the higher consciousness got into more detail about this state of mind than the seven states of consciousness video did. The video about the seven states seemed to be more of an overview of these states of consciousness. Although I still found that video to be extremely interesting, I found myself a lot more interested in how the higher consciousness can be accessed and what this state of mind entitles. I feel my interest also lies more with the video on higher consciousness because I aspire to reach that level of consciousness. I believe the world would be a much more understanding and safer place if everyone could access their higher consciousness instead of just resulting in anger. 

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