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4/3/22, 3:11 PM
FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper
FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper
Due May 16 by 11:59pm
Points 200
Submitting an external tool
Available until May 16 at 11:59pm
You will learn how to design, in a group, an articulate, organized, and visually appealing formal
business presentation.
In order to successfully utilize and apply your case analysis skills, you will study a case and create
a series of memos based on the case that will be compiled as a complete report. These memos
are commonly used in many business settings, so your understanding of how to apply case
analysis in the business world will be key. With a group, you will be assigned a case.
Due Dates:
Team Presentation
DRAFT Paper &
Outline/Work Plan
Peer Edit Activity
5 points
10 points
50 points
Final Team Project Team Peer
200 points
DUE March 14 – DUE April 20 –
11:30 am
11:30 am
DUE May 16 –
DUE 4/25, 4/27 or
before 11:59 pm
(No Extensions)
DUE May 17 –
before 11:59 pm
(No Extensions)
Upload to Canvas Upload to Canvas
See Canvas
See Canvas
Upload to Canvas
4/3/22, 3:11 PM
FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper
Peer Edit Activity:
Post a copy of your complete written report draft (including References page) to the correct
discussion board on Canvas by class time. In order to earn up to 10 points for the peer critique
session, you must be present in class and have your draft paper.
Guidelines (THIS IS NOT AN OUTLINE/WORK PLAN – Review Business Writer’s Handbook
pgs. 364-367):
Your report will be formatted according to formal report (p. 204-219) format and include several
Cover page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction (1-2 pages)
Reports (2-3 pages each):
1. An incident report (p. 257) to discuss the details of the case
2. Investigative report (p. 288) will analyze the problem and pose solutions
3. A feasibility report (p. 188-189) analyzes the possible outcomes of each solution and
formally recommend one solution
4. A progress/activity report (p. 407) to detail the choice of the company and compare the
outcome to that of suggestion(s) in feasibility report
Conclusions (1-2 pages)
References (NOT WORKS CITED)
Your Turnitin Plagiarism Percentage must be 4% or lower. If it is higher, the assignment will
receive an additional 10%-point reduction from the graded score.
Document must be formatted as doc, docx, pdf, or rtf. Any other formats will receive a zero
grade. Sources must be cited in the body of the report (parenthetical citations) and on
References page.
Citations must conform to APA style.
The case must include a minimum of 10 sources (at least 3 academic, all must be credible) and
must include at least one newspaper article, one book, one government, and one academic
Spell check and proofread carefully.
There will be no rewrites for this assignment.
Every member of the team will receive the same grade on the case, but presentation scores will
be individual.
Each student must use PitchVantage at least two times before their presentation. Not practicing
on PitchVantage before presenting will result in deduction of points.
Objectives: In your analysis, show me you can…
4/3/22, 3:11 PM
FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper
Demonstrate information competence through library database research.
Produce a university caliber, well designed, organized and articulate document, and
demonstrate literacy skills.
Assessment Measures
I will grade this assignment for thoroughness, accuracy, and clarity of content, and professional
presentation using the C.L.A.S.S. rubric. Read the syllabus and the university catalog for a
description of plagiarism and cheating. If you aren’t sure what plagiarism is, please ask me or go
to, click on Reference and Instruction. I will grade your presentation using
the S.P.E.A.K.S. rubric.
FINAL Team Project Assignment Paper
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