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I am doing a blood donation project with my groups, the project it’s about 
Product Vision Statement
People use apps and websites to connect with others, and find furniture, restaurants, clothes, and other things that they need. The same technology can be used to create a centralized place to find blood donation centers and drives to help stop the shortage.
What and why?
Since the pandemic started blood donations have decreased by 10% and as of December 2021 the US blood supply is at its lowest level in a decade. The inventory of some blood types has dropped below one day’s supply in recent weeks, which is a dangerously low level. Despite the consistent demand for blood in healthcare, only about 3% of age-eligible people donate blood yearly. Additionally, many people aren’t aware of whether or not they’re even eligible to donate in the first place. Having a centralized app to not only fine blood donation centers, but also answer FAQs and find out about donation eligibility could increase the percentage of people who donate blood yearly.
For whom?
People who are interested in learning more about blood donation and people who are interested in donating blood.
The public will be able to determine their eligibility and can find the nearest blood bank or blood drive.
We can treat blood banks/drives as users as well, depending on what the final form of the app looks like and aims to achieve.

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