BMEN 1400 Programming for Biomedical Engineers Questions


1. How do you create a new document in OnShape?
2. What are the three planes that you see when you load a blank (or new) document?
3. How do you hide (or show) a specific object, such as a plane? 4. What are the steps to begin sketching something on the top plane?
5. What are the ways to sketch the following: 
a. A rectangle b. A circle c. A triangle
6. How do you measure the following:
a. The length of a line
b. The angle between two lines
c. The diameter of a circle
7. How do you draw a construction line?
8. How do you insert a smooth curve between two lines at a corner? 
9. What are the steps to make a solid block in 3D? 
10. How do you save the document?  
11. Sketch the numbers from 1 to 10 in a new sketch on the top plane. Save the file and take a screenshot to include it with your answers 
12. Create the following: a. A rectangular block 10 mm x 50 mm x 100 mm b. A cylinder of diameter 25 mm and height 10 mm Save the file with a separate name, take a screenshot and include it with your answers. 
Share your models for questions 11 and 12 by including a shareable link 

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BMEN 1400
Spring 2020
Lab 7: OnShape Modeling
Due Wed April 29th 5:00 PM
(can submit until midnight on due date without penalty)
Read the write-up carefully before proceeding!
In this lab, you will work in groups of 2 to create the following shapes in OnShape
1. Create a rectangular block with the following features:
a. This is how the block looks as an initial sketch (all dimensions are in inches)
Extrude the block to have a thickness of 1 in.
b. Create a slot through the entire length of the block with the dimensions shown:
The slot should look like this (this view is obtained using the “Hidden Edges Visible”
c. Create an elliptical projection on one side of the block as shown:
The projection should extend to a length of 0.5 in as shown:
2. Create a lab beaker that looks similar to this using the revolve option. Feel free to decide
appropriate dimensions.
Submit your work as a PDF by including screenshots of your models.
Include the link in your report to share both of your models

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