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hii, please read the instructions from the attachment below assignment should be according to it. Everything is mentioned in the attachment please read it carefully. Do not use wekipedia and other external sources.

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History 101 – Primary Source Analysis
Value: 60 Points total. Will be scaled to 15% of final grade.
Three important ideas in this course are the following: first contact, relations between European immigrants
and the Indigenous (Aboriginal) Peoples of Canada, and explorations of Canada. In this assignment, you will
examine how European explorer Simon Fraser, with the help of Aboriginal Peoples, explored and documented
many parts of interior British Columbia. Four documents providing four different accounts of Simon Fraser’s
journey are part of this assignment and will help you to understand these ideas.
First – Watch these Introductory Videos and read these Websites

Paragraph 1 – 10 Points
In 400 words, write a paragraph that provides the basic information about Simon Fraser and his journey. Who
was Simon Fraser? When did he travel? Where did he travel? How did he travel? What did he do during his
travels? Summarize the information and only write the most important details. Use all of the sources and
Paragraph 2 – 10 Points
In 400 words, discuss how Fraser viewed and talked about the “Indians” (Indigenous Peoples) and discuss how
“Indians” (Indigenous Peoples) viewed and talked about Fraser. Using this information, what can be said about
first contact between Europeans and Aboriginal peoples? How did they interact and what kinds of
relationships did they have? Use only the sources provided in this package.
Paragraph 3 – 10 Points
In 400 words, discuss how and why Simon Fraser’s journey down the Fraser River was significant both at the
time and historically. Why do you think it is important to remember Fraser’s explorations today? Thoughts and
analysis are needed here. Use only the sources provided in this package.
Paragraph 4 – 10 Points
There are four different documents for this assignment: Fraser’s Journey, Selections from Fraser’s Diary, Son
of the Sun, and Quesnel’s Account of the Trip. In 500 words, discuss how each source covers the journey in a
slightly different way. Think about point of view and the ideas covered. Further, the sources tend to contradict
each other (dates, times, numbers). Find three examples of how the information in one source disagrees with
the information in another source. What do these contradictions say about historical source materials? Use all
of the sources.
Citations: Chicago Style (Footnotes and Bibliography) – 10 Points
1. Part of this assignment is that you must learn how to do Chicago Style. Do the Workshop on Canvas
and get help from the Writing and Learning Centre
a. https://alexandercollege.ca/student-success/writing-and-learning-centre/.
2. Your assignment must have a bibliography and at least 10 footnotes.
3. All the information for the footnotes is included on the sheets provided, look carefully.
Proper Paragraph Form, Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – 10 Points
1. Typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins
2. Take the time to write proper sentences and paragraphs. Edit your work.
3. Course name, your name and student number on top right-hand corner of the first page.
The final document should be about 3-5 pages and about 1500-2000 words. Do not go beyond 2000 words.

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Simon Fraser Exploration

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