Based on the games played and George Herbert Mead’s theory of the development of the self, can you tell if they are in the play or game stage? Post your observations here. – Essaylink

Discussion question 1:
Observe young children playing, either in your own family, or think back to when you were a child.
Based on the games played and George Herbert Mead’s theory of the development of the self,
can you tell if they are in the play or game stage? Post your observations here.
Reply 1 Sachia:
I have two little cousins who I am around all of the time, I babysit them regularly, and watching them play fascinates me. The younger sibling is a girl who always wants to play with dolls and stuffed animals so she is on the play stage. She likes to dress up in princess dresses and her favorite is Moana. The older sibling is a boy who loves to play outside and also plays games on his phone all the time. He is in the game stage he doesn’t play in teams but he does play with his father who will throw a football or basketball around. His favorite game to play is Among Us on his phone which is a team game but virtual. They are both in different stages and now taking this class shows me how they play and what it means.
Reply 2 Kelli,
Observing if kids are in the play or game stage is somewhat evident by looking at them and seeing how old they appear. I coach little kids at soccer camp over summers and there is usually a big difference between my five/six year olds and seven/eight year olds even though the age gap is not that big. The five/six year olds enjoy playing games that do not have much thought to them and only a couple of them actually want to play soccer competitively. The seven/eight year olds can understand much more complex games and are usually at camp because they want to play soccer unlike some of the five/six years. the five/six year olds are usually in the play stage while the seven/eight year olds are usually in the game stage. Discussion question 2:
Do you think that English should be the official language of the United States? Draw from the course materials on culture, socialization, and deviance and social control, and take into account our core value of community. You need to justify your answer after weighing the pros and cons in a balanced manner and thinking about the positive and negative consequences that this decision would have for American society as a whole.
Reply 3 Terry,
When it comes to the question. Should english be the official language of the United States? I would say yes, but only on the bases that other languages are promoted. My reason for this is because, it will bring citizens closer to one another helping too break communication barriers. Another important factor is that it may help foreigners with their transition of becoming settled. Another important factor, could be the improvement of trading, net working, and understanding different cultural aspects. This could also possibly help more Americans want to learn other languages. As a con, some people may not care, or have the ability to learn another language. This could hender and discourage some foreigners that could be beneficial / productive citizens. Reply 4 Kenneth:
n my opinion English should not be the official language of the United States. This nation has and continues to be built on the diversity that it represents. To me it’s not about offending people. Our country has been built mainly by those who do not or did not speak English. To make it a law to speak a language would be a huge mistake. America is a melting pot and, in this pot,, we are a collection of extraordinary ingredients. Language allows humans to share the past, present, and future and can help shape out thoughts and perceptions (Henslin, 2021). I believe it is our duty to understand one another and learn about our cultural differences. Language is valuable for aiding in forming relations, groups within society, and social networks. To discount an individual due to them not grasping or speaking a language that makes you comfortable is arrogant.

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