ATATS Computer Aided Digital Design Process Paper


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Instructions to the Students
1. The Final Assignment will be available in Moodle at 9:00 am on the date of examination.
2. This is an open resource examination; there are (04) pages. Students are allowed to refer any digital
materials (Internet, Proquest, Masader, and OER) with proper referencing and citation for each answers.
3. Students has to answer the questions typewritten in the word (.docx) format. Figures / Diagrams,
equations and solving of problems can be written by hand and added to the document as a
4. Save the assignment file using the student ID & Course code.[ Example : 22s1234 – EECP4282]
5. Students should submit the answers through the turnitin link provided in moodle page. If any problem
occurs, send it to the course tutor email [Email: [email protected]]
6. Students are encouraged to upload the answers in the moodle at least two hours before the deadline to
avoid any technical issues.
7. In case of any technical problem in opening or submitting your assignment please contact your course
tutor through email and copy to the Department Head.
8. Any form of cheating is punishable. Students involved in cheating will be treated according to the
Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Policies.
9. Students are advised to write the answers in their own words. Based on the plagiarism policy and the
department approved similarity level, the marks will be deducted for the plagiarized [Copied] answers.
10. Students should complete their assignment within the given time. Assignments submitted after the
deadline will be marked 0.
Final Assignment
With the help of a diagram discuss all the differences between optical exposure methods in IC design
With the help of the diagram, explain in your own words about the IC manufacturing process at the
highest level.
Explain the furnace process for silicon growth with the help of diagram. What are the major
fabrication requirements for conducting the smooth processing of silicon growth?
What are the two types of photoresists? What are the important parameters that determine the
usefulness of a particular photoresist?
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Final Assignment
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Final Assignment
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design process

level modeling


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