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InstructionsDescription: The purpose of this assignment is to learn more about who you are and how you fit into and relate to your own culture. In this assignment, you will explore your own culture and identities and how they influence your communication. You will address your identities and cultural background, how they have influenced you and your communication, and how they may influence your life in the future. Include relevant examples from your life that demonstrate how your culture and identity have shaped your life. Consider the influence of factors such as race, ethnicity, social class, gender, religion, and geographic location. Use at least two sources for this assignment. The focus of your writing should be demonstrating your learning and reflection using your experience and the connection to the course concepts.You may write your responses in an essay format or copy the sections below. Use APA formatting for this assignment. Outline: (screenshot in uploaded file)My Culture: Im a Mexican male that lives in Colorado. For the rest of the information you can research or make up.

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1. Your identity:
a. An introduction paragraph with an opening statement, thesis, and your response to
the following questions:
i. How would you define identity?
ii. Why is an awareness of identity important in your personal life?
b. A paragraph with the following details:
i. What is the makeup of your social identities? How did they develop?
ii. From your perspective, with what culture do you most closely identify? Why?
iii. What do you know about your own ethnic and/or cultural heritage?
2. How your identity influences your life and communication: 3-5 paragraphs. You may choose
from the questions below or write your own response. Include relevant examples from your
a. How does your ethnicity affect you, your identity, your path in life, your
communication and/or your family and its traditions?
b. How does your nationality affect you, your identity, your path in life, your
communication and/or your family and its traditions?
c. Which of your strongly held beliefs can be traced back to your cultural background?
d. Did you have interactions with other cultural groups that affected your life, your
perceptions, or who you have become?
e. What was the ethnic, racial, and cultural make-up of the town or the city where you
grew up? Do you think this influenced your identity? Your communication?
f. What are some differences between your identities and those same identities in
another culture? How can this affect your communication with others?
3. Your identity and your future:1-2 paragraphs with the following details:
a. What parts of your identity may influence your future decisions/interactions? Will
they have any influence on decisions surrounding your education, career, family,
and/or travel plans?
b. Reflect on your identities and their relation to culture. How can you use this
assignment to learn about your culture and identity? About the identity and culture of
c. What are your thoughts about the assignment in relation to the course? What is your
biggest takeaway from the assignment?

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