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the topic is Should juveniles get adult jail sentences?

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Template for persuasive speech outline
Topic: Should
juveniles get adult jail sentences?
SPS To persuade my audience ________________________________________
I. [An attention-getting device should be used to capture your audience’s attention.]
II. [What is the problem you believe needs to be solved, and why should the audience
listen to your presentation?]
III. [What is your central idea statement? In one sentence, you need to explicitly tell the
audience why you are delivering this presentation.]
I. [Begin with a one-sentence statement that tells the audience what problem exists.]
II. [Why does this problem need to be solved?]
A. [This problem needs to be solved because . . .]
1. [Be sure to incorporate research to help you articulate the problem.]
B. [Another reason this problem needs to be solved is because . . .]
Transition: [Now that you have shared the problem that needs to be solved, in one
sentence, transition to the next section, the satisfaction.]
I. [Introduce your proposed solution to the problem.]
II. [Articulate your detailed, well-researched solution.]
A. [Your proposed solution should have at least one recommendation that the audience
can adopt.]
1. [Be sure to incorporate research to help you support each recommendation.]
B. [Another recommendation the audience can adopt is . . .]
1. [A fact and citation that supports this second recommendation is . . .]
III. [Make sure that you not only make recommendations, but also mention any critiques
of your proposal that could be made.]
A. [Specific institutions, groups, or individuals might oppose my proposed solution
because . . .]
1. [Do not forget to support each potential critique with a reference.]
Transition: [Now that you have shared your proposed solution, in one sentence,
transition to the next section, the visualization.]
I. [If your audience adopts the proposed solution to this problem, then what might be the
likely outcome?]
A. [Circumstances would improve . . .]
1. [Consider tying in visual imagery, such as a photo or video, to illustrate the positive
impact your solution would make.]
II. [If your audience does not adopt the propose solution, what might happen?]
A. [Circumstances would not improve, or perhaps worsen . . .]
1. [Tie in visual imagery to illustrate the outcome provided your solution is not adopted
by the audience.]
I. [In one sentence, restate the problem.]
II. [Articulate your proposed solution in one sentence.]
III. [Recommend specific actions that your audience can take to implement your
IV. [Thank your audience for listening, then urge them to take the needed action.]

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