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A new WCU recreation center will open next month. The $200 million building is
an 8 floor wonder of glass and steel designed by a famous architectural firm,
Skinner and Associates.
The center has 3 big swimming pools, 4 hot tubs, and the most updated
bodybuilding tools. It also offers facilities such as indoor pools, weight rooms,
basketball courts, and dance studios, art studios, game rooms, and libraries.
For the opening of this center, Dr. Kelli R. Brown, the 12th Chancellor of Western
Carolina University has agreed to cut the ribbon at the official opening.
You are charged with creating a media (press) kit for the recreation center’s
grand opening.
1) Write a memo outlining which materials you will include in the media kit (at
least 5 items). (10 points)
2) Write an email pitch to television news directors about why they should cover
the grand opening (be creative in reasoning). (10 points)
3) Write a news release for sending to news agencies about the grand opening.
(10 points)
4) Write a 280-character tweet to the university’s Twitter followers. (10 points)
Brew House, a chain of pubs that features 100 different beers in tap, already has
a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and YouTube channel.
Traffic is below the organization’s expectation. Brew House wants to increase the
number of visitors to its website and YouTube channel and generate more
“friends” and “followers” on its Facebook page and Twitter feed.
Your public relations firm is retained to accomplish these objectives.
5) What strategies and tactics would you recommend to increase the traffic and
visibility of Brew House on these sites? Discuss two strategies and two tactics.
(20 points)
You’ve just begun work with a global corporation. Its home offices are located in
Atlanta, but because of your Portuguese-language major and your two
internships with Latin American companies, you’ve been hired to do public
relations in the Sao Paulo office.
6) How would you prepare for this assignment? What do you need to know about
the company and its operations and relationship with different publics in Brazil?
(15 points)
7) What do you need to know about Brazilian media, consumers, and employee
expectations? (15 points)
Imagine you are in charge of creating an app for your company.
8) Mention at least two main questions that you need to know their answers
before starting to launch the app. Explain why these questions matter. (10 points)

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