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Develop a 4-page position about a specific health care issue as it relates to a target vulnerable population.
Include an analysis of existing evidence and position papers to help support your position. Your analysis should
also present and respond to one or more opposing viewpoints. You can choice from one of these topics to write
on 1.) Emotion and mental: Post-traumatic stress disorder & depression. 2.) Chronicity: Childhood obesity. 3.)
Addiction: Abuse of alcohol in the elderly population. 4.) Genetics and genomics: Sickle cell in the African
American community. Choose what ever topic that is easiesy for you and scholarly or professional evidence
that express contrary views or opinions. Resources should be no more than five years old.
Pretend you are a member of an interprofessional team that is attempting to improve the quality of health care
and the outcomes in a vulnerable population. For the first step in your team’s work, you have decided to
conduct an analysis of current position papers that address the issue and population you are considering.

In your analysis you will note the team’s initial views on the issue in the population as well as the views across
a variety of relevant position papers. You have been tasked with finding the most current standard of care or
evidenced-based practice and evaluating both the pros and cons of the issue. For the opposing viewpoints, it is
important to discuss how the team could respond to encourage support. This paper will be presented to a
committee of relevant stakeholders from your care setting and the community. If it receives enough support,
you will be asked to create a new policy that could be enacted to improve the outcomes related to your chosen
issue and target population.
For this assessment you will develop a position summary and an analysis of relevant position papers on a
health care issue in a chosen population. The bullet points below correspond to the grading criteria in the
scoring guide. Be sure that your submission addresses all of them. You may also want to read the Analysis of
Position Papers for Vulnerable Populations Scoring Guide and Guiding Questions: Analysis of Position Papers
for Vulnerable Populations to better understand how each grading criterion will be assessed.
Explain a position with regard to health outcomes for a specific issue in a target population.
Explain the role of the interprofessional team in facilitating improvements for a specific issue in a target
Evaluate the evidence and positions of others that could support a team’s approach to improving the quality
and outcomes of care for a specific issue in a target population.
Evaluate the evidence and positions of others that are contrary to a team’s approach to improving the quality
and outcomes of care for a specific issue in a target population.
Communicate an initial viewpoint regarding a specific issue in a target population and a synthesis of existing
positions in a logically structured and concise manner, writing content clearly with correct use of grammar,
punctuation, and spelling.

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