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Gym management system
I can add coach’s names and contract period. Also, subscribers’ names, age, Subscription period,
and for each coach will have subscribers under his name.
when we search about the subscriber’s information we must search about the last name and the
first name for the subscribers. The information will be also shows his age, Subscription period.
•A Java Swing front-end GUI
•At least 2 of the following ADTs: List, Tree, Stack, Queue, Priority Queue, Deque, Map, Set
•At least 5 distinct custom classes that you code in separate files
•One sort algorithm coded from scratch
•Persistent data that is saved and read from a file(s); in other words, you should be able to exit
program and reopen it and the data is still there.
1: Let me know what you think about this idea and what you can add.
2: Send me a project description by 24 hours
3: each 3 days send me an update of the project
4: due on 4/24 after 11 days
For example:
Class enrollment. it will have a menu to select if want to register, enroll or remove a student from
a course or check the schedule of each course. It will contain a textbook, Dropdowns, Labels,
Buttons, and JOptionPane. The user will be able to add its information to the app and enroll or be
removed from a course. And will be able to watch the schedule of the courses to know if can
enroll or not. If the course is full will be a waiting list. I will use list that contains Courses, list
that contains Students, and queue that contains students in waiting list for each course. I will use
bubble sort as a sorting routine. In text files I will store students information, courses information
and waiting list. Finally, the data will be stored when the program exit and will be loaded from
the text files when the program starts.

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Java swing

gym management system

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