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What are the advantages or the purpose of Special flight rules area ( SFRA) ?

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As we all know, 9/11 was one of the most catastrophic events in the aviation industry. Since then, our general aviation industry has been through ups and downs. It has become difficult for people to understand the real meaning of General aviation. 9/11 not only impacted the aviation industry in the United States of America but also affected countries worldwide. People all over the world were horrified of flying post 9/11. This lead to a significant downfall in the aviation industry. That is also the reason many countries like India do not have a lot of general aviation airports. Many people still have a wrong notion about General aviation because, during the 1990s, people used GA aircraft to smuggle narcotics, weapons, and human trafficking operations. One of the events that I can remember, which brings GA security into question, is The 9/11 hijackers trained at U.S. flight schools on GA aircraft and had used GA aircraft to scout out the New York City airspace in preparation for the attacks (Price & Forrest, 2016). One of the significant strategies implemented to protect GA security post 9/11 was The Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001. These put several security regulations addressing public and private charter flights, airspace restrictions, and new rules for flight training operations (Title 49 CFR Part 1552).

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